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very good, staff very friendly and helpful.

rouand rouand

George Harper. Sounds kinda melodic don`t it. And it should. First there was HARPO MARX & now there`s GEORGE HARPER. I`ve known George for the past 25 years.. And in that time I have seen him grow into one of the finest picker, singer, songwriter, & entertainer Nashville has to offer in music today. I`m sure the Nashville music community is proud to call him one of there own. I know I am! Whether you listen to one of his cds or go see him at a show...You will totally be entertained & get a good feeling about this fella! So here`s to you GEORGE HARPER...SAAAAAALUTE! Your Pal, Compatriot, Amigo. Terry "BoBo" Eldredge

Amigo. Terry  Eldredge
Your Pal,Compatriot

It's always a pleasure to work with George Harper! He has performed at the Johnny Keenan Banjo festival numerous times and has always charmed the audience. He is an extremely gifted songwriter, singer, guitarist, and bassist. And, he's got that good old fashioned southern humor that never lets you down. ~ Chris Keenan

Chris  Keenan
Promoter of the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival
Longford, Ireland

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