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George HarperGeorge Harper was born in Nashville, Tennessee and never left. As he puts it, " I can't imagine living  anywhere else.". Although, he loves his new role as a world traveler playing his songs for people all over. Coming home is always sweet.

From the early days when he first started playing in bands back in the mid seventies there has been a connection he has made with audiences. There is definitely a synergistic effect with his music and his audience.  Feeling most at home on stage than mingling in a crowd, the stage is where this entertainer aspires to be.

Cover bands are what the bars around Nashville want most of the acts to play. Which didn't leave much time for the original songs he was writing, but that didn't stop him  from writing. Building his repertoire of original songs since the early 90's, there just wasn't much opportunity to play them until December on 2009 when he recorded his first all original CD. The recording consists of 14 songs written mostly by George Harper.

Almost immediately after the first CD release he was getting busy playing his songs all over the place. He was invited to play in Ireland at the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival 2 consecutive years. He has played in and around Madrid, Spain, in Key West, East Tennessee, North Carolina, and of course Nashville.

Although playing music is what he most loves to do, he is also a multifaceted  person in his ability to do many other things. He has once worked in the AVCO factory building airplane wings, a firefighter, an EMT on Nashville's Fire Department, a limo driver, a backhoe operator, farm equipment salesman, janitor, welder, auto painter, house painter, house builder, he built his own motorcycle that he uses for transportation almost everyday that he can. Really, George can do most anything he sets his mind to do. And, that is why he has most settled on music. He can write songs sitting down! Go all over, meet interesting people, and play a song or two.

Since his first CD. "I'll be Back" there has been another release. An E.P. that he rushed in the studio at the last minute before his appearance in Ireland last September. The name is "No Smokin in Here", and has a couple of songs that were written either about Ireland( Why do I go to Sligo), or in an Irish vein (No Smokin in Here) a song George Harper wrote about growing up in their mothers house, and still living by the same rules at the age of 51. He dedicated the CD to his 90 year old mom.

If you come to one of George Harper's shows and leave feeling like you didn't get your money's worth. He always offers a money back guarantee with his shows, and his records. You can't really go wrong with a guarantee like that.

George Harper 100% Guarantee

Join him in his Amazing Musical Journey. You'll be glad you did. CDs are available on www.GeorgeHarper.com, Tree-O-Records.com, or www.myspace.com/georgeharpermusic

George Harper Cover

This is the photo taken for use on the c.d. cover. Notice the guitar George is holding is Doc Watson's "Old Hoss" Made by Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace Tennessee. It has been in the Smithsonian Institute. Priceless instrument. It was being used in the studio on a record of Doc Watson Songs, with great Nashville guitar players playing his guitar on them. I asked if I could have my picture made with it, and so there it is. The real thrill for him was playing the guitar during the photo session. He told me he really didn't care if we ever got the shot! Thats the kind of musician he his. George loves his music and loves to perform. Come join his wonderful musical journey.


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