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Dec 16

Introducing George Harper




Will be performing:

Wed. 15th 2013   at De Barra Clonakilty.

Sat. 18th  Morning  on  Shannonsound Radio with Charlie McGettigan.

Sat  18th  Evening at Blueball Co. Offalay

Sun 19th at The Tally Ho  in Longford.

We are still making more arrangements will update folks.

Follow us on our European Tour. See you there !!

American Pickers - Antique Archaeology

Do you like American Pickers ?

Do you like Antiques ?

Do you like Good Music ?

Do you like Good People ?

Go see George Harper with Donnie Winters!

Antique Archaeology in Nashville


1300 Clinton St., Suite 130
(Marathon Village),
Nashville, TN 37203, klia2

Myself and Donnie Winters will be renderin' a few tunes down at Antique Archaeology . It's down in Marathon Village where Lightning 100 and the Marathon Buiding and all that is. Come on down if you ain't doing nuthin'. We've played there once before, and the folks were real nice.

Location PhotoGeorge Harper Playing at


George is a Nashville native, and currently lives just north of there. Being from Nashville, and growing up in a musical family, his exposure to music has been imminent and diversified. From horn bands to bluegrass, mix a lot of rock & roll, and throw in a little blues. Oh, and let's not forget the country music influence.

Throw it all together, and you get a melting pot of different styles. If you come to two shows on consecutive nights, you might just hear the same song played bluegrass one night, and bluesy the next.

George Harper Musician

George just released a CD a year ago, and is receiving raving reviews.

He was almost immediately signed to play as an opening act for Rodney Crowell at The Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in Longford, Ireland. After his European debut, he was signed to come back and perform again this year.

Listen to George Harper at MySpace

George's CD, "I'll Be Back" is a collection of 14 songs ORIGINALS. When you hear it you will see just how much influence is written into the different styles represented. You will not be disappointed.

Join him in his Amazing Musical Journey.

Recent Performances and Appearances

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George Harper Events

May 12

Interview George Harper Series Part IV

Permissions obtained from Think in English. Transcripts from Think in English Issue 143 & 144

Interview with George Harper 5 Part Series


Rushin’ Around ***

Think (Th): And that was the… I believe you said before, that was the 4th time you’d been to the Longford Festival?

George Harper (GH): Yeah, and I’ve been there four years, not in a row. I first went six years ago and skipped a couple of years and I had that… I was working on that record and I get it to Kathy Casey and Chris Keenan over there, they run that festival. And – y’know – it turns out that they really liked it and they like me and I like them and we’re friends. And they started hiring me to come over there and play and – y’know – I’m just so very grateful for the opportunity. And they just told me last week when I was playing the festival that they didn’t think thatthey would ever have a festival without me again. So…

Th: That’s a nice thing to hear.

GH: Yeah, yeah. It’s a very nice thing to hear, you know?

Th: Great. So the first official record that you released is I’ll Be Back, correct? And then No Smokin’ in Here was just released. Is that correct?

GH: Yeah, and it’s not official yet, but I’ll probably have a record release thing when I get back to Nashville. But they really... to be perfectly honest, man, we went down to the wire on this thing. We went in and recorded this thing live in the studio. We tracked a couple of things, the harmony vocals and a couple of the lead parts. But pretty much it’s about 80% live in the studio and we did that because we were on such a time schedule. Tim Carter of Tree-O Records, which I’m signed under. They’re my record label. It’s a small record label there in Nashville owned by the Carters and Brian Budzinski up in Boston. But we went in knowing that we had this time schedule because the Carters are very busy entertainers. And Timmy was in for just a very few days and I said, “Man, I’d really wanna get this record done before I go to Ireland.” So, we had one day.

Th: One day?

We had one day and so we did all those… I said, “Man, you know I’ve got a lot of songs I wanna put on there.” And he said, “Man, we don’t have
but one day.” He said, “And so all you really need is six songs because if you’re gonna pitch yourself, that’s what you need.” They call it an EP.


GH: And so we rehearsed for about an hour one day and three days later we were in the studio and it just went like clockwork. And we were so happy that we were done by six in the evening. We went in at eleven and we were done at six.


GH: Yeah, and then we had one day that we mixed it, sent it to the printers and I got it about a week before I came here.

Th: OK.

GH: Across the big pond.

Th: Right, right, right. Tight, tight schedule!

GH: It was tight, man. And I got T-shirts printed up, and they were so cool. But I went and picked them up at midnight the night before I got on the plane to come over, yeah. So – y’know – just running around trying to get things done, Nathan from Hotel.

Americana, Roots, Bluegrass, Country, and Rock.

Nashville Tennessee George Harper Band

Check out George's new website at

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George Harper. Sounds kinda melodic don`t it. And it should. First there was HARPO MARX & now there`s GEORGE HARPER. I`ve known George for the past 25 years.. And in that time I have seen him grow into one of the finest picker, singer, songwriter, & entertainer Nashville has to offer in music today. I`m sure the Nashville music community is proud to call him one of there own. I know I am! Whether you listen to one of his cds or go see him at a show...You will totally be entertained & get a good feeling about this fella! So here`s to you GEORGE HARPER...SAAAAAALUTE! Your Pal, Compatriot, Amigo. Terry "BoBo" Eldredge

Amigo. Terry  Eldredge
Your Pal,Compatriot

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